LikerBay is a social application that helps our user to increase facebook likes on their photos and posts.LikerBay is simple to use Facebook Auto liker. It also helps you to increase likes on facebook fan page, facebook custom posts and all photos you upload on facebook. It is comparatively fast and secure.

Download android application

  1. Check   facebook privacy setting   is PUBLIC
  2. Check   facebook followers setting   is set to EVERYONE
  3. Your post must be public.

Login method
1. Click here to Allow Permission 2. Click here to Get Token

Fast Likes

Get upto 300 likes on picture at a time. It is very fast and secure comparatively.

User Privacy & Security

Website do not access any information without permission. This is trusted site and safe to use. We respect User privacy and security.

Easy to work with

We have provided detailed documentation and examples in How to use section to help new users get started. We are also always open to feedback.

Loved By User

We have daily 3000+ users traffic. We are best in this field and we will continue to improve us.

Customer services

We provide instant chat reply to our user if they have any query regarding the website. We are available 24x7. You can message web admin anytime.

Android Application

We have developed an android application for users. It is very fast and very small in size. Please try it. Dowload liker APK